Form and details at bottom of page for ordering.


Get a doodle of a bun!!

$10 each



Great for Discord and Twitch!

$20 each


$100 for a set of six.



Perfect for Twitch!

$15 each


$40 for a matching set of three.



Ideal for profile pictures!

$50 each


Super cute!

$35 each


Chibi Design Upgrades

Want a unique physical copy of your commission?

I offer custom made standee upgrades for chibi commissions!

+$30 for a custom standee


+$50 for a custom light up standee

Double sided printing options:

double sided printing with the same design on both sides comes free

with all acrylic standees.
[wood can sadly only be offered with single sided printing. There is no upgrade for double sided wood printing]


+$30 for double sided printing with different designs on either side


When ordering a chibi commission you have the option to get it mailed to your home as a standee. You will still receive the digital file of the chibi commission as well as a free sticker of your chibi with any standee purchase. The upgrade prices include; shipping, production fees, file design setup, handling fees, and alterations. Turn around time for receiving your standee is roughly a month. I have two different material options available to me so please use the list below to choose what material you would like your commission to be printed on. Light up standees can only be printed on clear acrylic. DOUBLE SIDED PRINTING IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON CLEAR ACRYLIC. Below the material options you will find the size options. ALL SIZES ARE THE SAME PRICE. Light up Standees only come in a very large size.

Material options:

Size options:

I maintain the right to decline any commissions I am uncomfortable in creating. I do not draw exposed genitals art however semi nude is fine by me. Commission prices are subject to change if the customer requests extra add-ons or heavy details. The commission is to be paid in full before production begins. Dependent on how busy I am and how many people are in line for a commission in front of you can greatly vary the time it takes to complete the commission. Commissions are all meant for personal use, any reselling of the artwork is not allowed and actions will be taken if needed. I maintain the right to do with as I please for any extras/mistakes of charms, stickers, or standees of your commission. I may use images of your commission on my website for portfolio or example reasons. 

Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you via email as soon as I can where we will discuss more details of your commission and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

If you have any questions you can email me at anytime:

You will not be charged when you submit the form. Submitting the form simply emails me your commission request. I will send the email you provide a Paypal invoice after receiving the submission.

Commission Form

What type of commission would you like?
[CHIBI ONLY] Did you want to upgrade to a physical standee?
[CHIBI UPGRADE ONLY] What size? (Light up standee's size cannot be chosen - only comes in a single large scale size)
[CHIBI UPGRADE ONLY] What material? (Light up standees only come in clear acrylic)
[CHIBI UPGRADE ONLY] Did you want to upgrade to having different designs on either side? (birch wood option only comes single sided)