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About the Artist

Name: Pringle
She / Her

Birthday: 02/20/1998

Hails From: Illinois, USA

Likes: rabbits, being outside, video games, mac & cheese, cool rocks, not so cool rocks, tomatoes, thunderstorms, cringy sonic content, frogs


About the Rabbit

??/??/2012 - 05/14/2021

Name: Clover

Breed: Broken Black Mini Rex

"Gotcha Day": 04/14/2012

Hails From: Illinois, USA

Likes: bananas, strawberries, playing with blankets, throwing my toys, putting my toys into my water bowl, licking shoes, licking jeans, when all the hoomans come over, dandelions, peeing on the couch, forehead pets, carrots, lettuce, running, digging, DIGGING, chewing up hooman's headphones, knowing that I am the best bun

About the V-tuber

Name: Grogda
She / Her

Birthday: 11/22/1999

Species: Cyclops Giant

Likes: video games, eating, traveling, snacks, SOUP!, reading fanfiction, playing farming video games, telling stories, making people laugh, exploring, foraging, cooking, root vegtables!

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